Q CELLS is a global brand, with an Australian base in Sydney and a nationwide network of trusted industry partners to offer service and support. Q CELLS is a flagship brand owned and backed by the Hanwha Group, a highly diversified Fortune® Global 500 company, that’s been operating for over 60 years. Solar power is a key pillar of Hanwha’s investment strategy. With Q CELLS, you’re choosing a brand with the technology to provide highly stable power production for decades.
‘Global’ here is a positive on many levels, but chiefly, it means Q CELLS panels have been engineered to work in every climate on Earth. This makes them efficient, smart and tough. In other words, our panels can cope with a Canadian winter, an Australian summer or anything in-between.
They’re tested, proven and guaranteed to perform so you can get on with life, and completely forget our panels are up on your roof… with only the pleasant surprise every time you open a power bill to remind you. Q CELLS is completely devoted to the advancement of solar power technology. We’re so confident in the power and performance of our product that we’ll not only give you a 12-year panel warranty (20% longer than most),but one of the best 25-year linear (or long-term) performance guarantees on the market.

Key Features

  • Q CELLS’ anti-reflection layer seals the one-piece corrosion resistant panel to minimise reflection by 50%.
  • Q CELLS are designed to capture light coming from low angles, to maximise power production throughout the day, or even in the middle of winter. Even in light levels  equivalent to a dull and cloudy day, and when the sun is low in the sky, our solar panels will still achieve 98% of their rated nominal efficiency.
  • Q CELLS are backed by a 12-year product warranty and are guaranteed to continue to produce at least 83% of nominal power after 25 long years
  • Q Cell modules are Top Performers at the Desert Knowledge Centre in Alice Springs!
  • Q Cell warranty specifically covers Potential Induced Degradation (PID) and hot spots, which can cause significant power reduction or, even worse, serious safety issues like fires. Q CELLS specifically test for these issues to ensure none of our modules are affected



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