Since 2005, ET Solar products have been constantly contributing clean energy to our planet. As a recognized innovator, our success in production, technological development, quality control, and product performance distinguishes us as one of the most reliable solar companies in the world. With more than 5GW of shipments, ET Solar modules are proven to belong to one of the world most reliable brands and are best choices in terms of high quality, excellent performance, and entire lifecycle guarantee.

ET Solar provides a wide variety of PV modules ideally suited for all types of installations: residential, commercial, and utility. The vertically integrated supply chain allows us to control the quality of our product throughout the entire manufacturing process. ET Solar offers a rich module portfolio to meet the diversified needs of customers.

Key Features

  • High Conversion Efficiency. Industry-leading processing techniques realize great module efficiency to a maximum of 16.75%, steady power output guaranteed.
  • Anti-reflective Coating and Reduce O&M Costs. Easier to clean by rainwater to remove dirt on the glass surface, making higher power output and lower maintenance costs.
  • 0 to +5W Positive Tolerance. Gain more power yields than expected.
  • Excellent Loading Capability. 2400Pa wind loads, 5400Pa snow loads.Durable and long-lasting.
  • Top-quality & Trustworthy Product. Rigorous Quality Management System built. Multiple internationally recognized PVindustry standard certifications attained.



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